Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Tea

Two weeks ago, the ladies club at St. Thomas hosted the 11th annual Ladies Spring Tea.

I offered to host two tables........I wasn't sure what my theme would be, but I knew I wanted the tables to have a theme that went together.

You know......

peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and cake, salt and pepper

I decided on......a little drum roll please......

Sweet and Sour!

As a hostess you are asked to provide the table decorations, the place settings, tea cups, and favors if you want.

The centerpiece goes home with one of the ladies at your table.

I made sugar hand scrub for each table....the sweet table had grapefruit fragrance added to it...not really sweet, but the color worked and the sour table had lemon scrub.

I created a mini candy bar for each table....pink and white candy for the sweet table, and yellow and white for the sour table.

My two favorite tea pots at the event

And my favorite table at tea this year.....a centerpiece with a wonderful pot full of herb plants....embellished with gnomes and lady bugs.

Love the bright colors!!

Hosting a table for the St. Thomas luncheon is one of my favorite things to do! 



  1. Oh cute . I like both the themes .

  2. Very nice! Love your sweet & sour idea and both your tables look so inviting. Lucky ladies taking your homemade sugar scrub home. Looks like a fun event.

  3. Looks like so much fun!! Love your two tables, they both are so cute! Adorable tea pots! Looks like you supplied yummy sweet treats too!! Easter hugs, Holly

  4. What beautiful tables and looks like you had fun!! xo Heather

  5. Very clever theme! Both your tables are so pretty. I'm sure your ladies were pleased with their scrub. What fun!

  6. What fun and lovely table settings. Very sweet of you to make them a scrub:) and candy bar, YUM!
    May is when I'll be hostessing a table at my church Tea! Can't wait!
    Easter Blessings,

  7. What a fun tea party. I love your themes! Great ideas! We used to have mother daughter banquets at this time of year. I miss those! Happy easterxoxo

  8. Oh my gosh, Chris! I want to sit at all of these beautiful tables and just stare at everything! Well...I'd like to eat the candy and drink some tea too! I can't believe you made sugar scrub for everyone.
    Great Job! Erica :)

  9. What beautiful tables you put together! What fun -Spring Tea!

  10. Your tables look just lovely - what a fun thing to do, and I'm sure your talent and creativity was much admired and enjoyed by your guests.

  11. Oh, Chris, I just love tea parties! Your tables are lovely - and such a cute theme, carried out so beautifully! I'm sure everyone really enjoyed sitting at your tables! xo Jane

  12. How creative! Your tables are so pretty! I love the sugar scrub..



  13. I love a good tea! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
    May love and joy always be yours.