Friday, November 1, 2013

Walking At The Flea Market.....

Counts as exercise right? 

When the Flea Market Friend called last night and asked if I wanted to go to the local flea market tomorrow I jumped at the chance.

Flea Market Friend has a broken bone in her foot and I was wondering if the walking might be a problem....

She assured me she would wear her "special boot"!

What a trooper!! 

And then I thought....well maybe this can count as my daily walk....

I've been walking everyday at lunch and was just sort of wondering if a walk at the flea market might count.

Mr. Math said, no it doesn't!  You stop too often and look at "things" you might need to buy to have it count! 

And the Flea Market Friend has a broken bone in her foot!! 
How fast can you possibly be walking?

           There is no cardio involved in walking at the flea market!

       And now I'm thinking I never should have said anything in the first place!

               So I'm doing what any of us would do.....

Going to the flea market and then doing my daily walk when I get home!

No matter what Mr. Math says, I'm still telling myself it's good exercise.....maybe I'll find so many wonderful treasures to bring home, I can say I lifted weights too!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!



  1. Don't listen to Mr. Math if you are up and moving around it counts!
    Chris =]

  2. Hey, as long as you aren't home sitting on the couch it's good! Any movement is a step forward.

  3. It definitely counts as exercise. Fun too.

  4. I hope you find fun things! have fun! and Im sure the walking counts! any movement burns calories! lol!
    happy weekend!

  5. Ahhh! What I wouldn't give for an early morning, sunny walk through the flea market!! Sounds like Heaven right now.
    Have a ton of fun Chris!
    Erica :)

  6. Of course it counts, Chris! I'm surprised Mr. Math didn't realize that - maybe his classes are too advanced for Flea Market Math! Have fun!
    xo Jane

  7. I wish I could come along with you two!

  8. Walking at the flea market is better that sitting still! That's what I say:) Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  9. Friends and Flea Market is ALWAYS a good thing!

  10. I'd say it's exercise and call it a day! Looks like a good flea market! ~~Pam

  11. I like the lifting weights part of the story! heehee! So many pretty things...I even see a cute little red chair in there. Looks like FUN! And fresh air is good for you...don't forget that...oh and sunshine gives you vitamin D! heehee!

  12. Did you buy anything good? I bought a vintage mixing bowl (to go with my set) when we went there last month.

  13. Well of course it's exercise! I hope you found some great treasures so you can throw in the weight lifting! Oh, and I hope it doesn't rain lol!


  14. I have convinced my morning walking buddies that it counts. The app on our phones even says so! ;)

  15. I hope it counts, because it is all the exercise I ever get! Looks like a great place to get some exercise. I hope your friend's foot made it through the flea market. Now that is a dedicated flea market shopper! laurie

  16. That sounds fun! I am sure this would qualify as exercise - you're exercising your eagle eyes and your fantastic flea judgement.

  17. I also meant to say that my emails to you keep getting bounced back but if you still need someone to do 2 more tags I can do it too. :)

  18. Shopping at the flea definitely counts in my exercise book. :)

    Have a lovely fall week!