Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Christmas Tea!

Christmas Tea is a little different than the other teas Mary Ann and I host during the year........

daughters are invited, we exchange gifts, we provide the food for our guests rather than potluck, and we do something for our community......

This year we collected food for our local food bank.

Mary Ann and I take turns hosting the Christmas Tea....this year it was Mary Ann's turn to host and she out did herself!

She has a lovely collection of vintage tree toppers!

A few of us got together the day before to set the tables..way more fun to set tables with girlfriends!

Mary Ann made favors for our guests. She used vintage spools and put Christmas Trees on top. They were all a little different and each lady was able to pick whichever one she wanted.

For Christmas Tea our luncheon is a sit down much easier with a large crowd.

Maria made the salad, Mary Ann made a chicken dish that was served over rice, and I made the desserts....a brownie topped with a strawberry, and individual cheesecakes. Maria had a great Christmas Tree shaped cupcake holder that we used to display the desserts

I know our friends love coming to tea, and Mary Ann and I love hosting!!

Next up Valentine's Day Tea!!!



  1. What a fabulous treat, and everything looks so perfectly lovely!

  2. I want to come! I love tea parties! I should throw a little one before I put christmas away.
    have a great sunday Chris!

  3. What a beautiful and special tea. Everything is just lovely.

  4. Everything looks wonderful! I haven't been to a tea in years.

    Love the tree toppers. I finally bought one this year and before I could snap pics of it, my grand girl broke it! Oh well- Live and learn! ♥

  5. The tree toppers are spectacular! What a wonderful way to display them...we bought one at an antique store that was in the original box last year. When we got home we discovered it was broken at the base and the store was over two hours away :( Tea parties are always year I plan on having one. Everthing looks beautiful!

  6. It all looks so lovely. You girls outdid yourself with the decor and the food. I love that you included a service project for your community, too. Wishing you a very happy new year!

  7. The desserts look so cute in that tree server! What a great idea to do tea with a friend, so much easier! Everyone loves to come to High Tea when I hosted them; just silly Norwegian work-a-holic me running around like crazy the day-of!

  8. Your Christmas tea looks lovely! I can see that you put alot of love into it! Very sweet party favors!
    Happy New Year!

  9. This just looks like such a fantastic tea party! What a wonderful lunch and so nice that you are helping the community. I really think it is a wonderful thing you gals are doing. Happy new Year!