Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Cloche Swap!

I participated in the Spring/Easter Cloche Swap, hosted by Sandy at 521 Lake St.

The directions were simple......

Make a miniature Spring or Easter Cloche for your partner and include a few extras! 

My partners were Michelle and Ashley, who blog at A Tattered Quilt Cottage.  

I had not traded with Michelle and Ashley's always fun to trade with new gals!.

I forgot to take a picture of how the cloche was packaged.....they used a plastic strawberry container, you know the kind you buy the large strawberries in, and filled it with pink Easter grass! So clever!!

How sweet is this?????  Michelle and Ashley used vintage Easter treasures to make this!

They also created a darling clothespin doll....she's dressed in her Easter best, holding on tight to her Easter bunny!!

Love this Easter button!! The paper is darling and the duckie is just too cute!!

Michelle and Ashley also sent me hand wash, lotion and a must have for every flea marketer.....anti bacterial hand wash!!

Thanks to Sandy for hosting such a fun swap, and to Michelle and Ashley for wonderful Easter treats!



  1. What a fun swap, Chris. The things are all just darling. IF you get the chance make sure you sign up for my giveaway. If you already did ignore this- I am a bit brain dead tonight- xo Diana

  2. sweet stuff! They make adorable things. I know because they sent me a st pattys package that I just loved! have a great weekend and Happy Easter to you and your family !

  3. Oh so cute:) I have made bride and groom clothespin dolls and need to find a way to stand them up:) Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  4. How very cute - as well as useful!

    Thank you for your visits to my blog.

    Easter blessings to you.

  5. Such cute things you received!! :) Wishing you a lovely weekend and a very Happy Easter!! xo Holly

  6. These swaps sure bring us together! It makes me so happy to see what my friends are're all so creative and come up with such unique designs. Happy Easter, Chris!

  7. Awww...sweet little clothespin girl with her bunny. Fun ideal to use a cupcake liner inside the cloche.
    Easter Blessings.

  8. Hi Chris! Seems like you quit blogging about the same time I did. I'm diving back in and miss you! Hope all is well and you're just spending lots of time with friends and family.


  9. This is such great inspiration for this upcoming Easter season. So, so cute!
    Thank you so very much for your input on painting my front door. Alas, rain is predicted through Tuesday but it WILL eventually be done!
    Have a lovely weekend!

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