Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something Is Different!

I decided that after blogging for over a year now, it was time to change my header.

Of course, being the computer wiz that I am, I went straight to daughter number 5, Katie, and asked for her help.

And, of course being the wonderful daughter that she is, her answer was yes.

I wanted something that would get me through Halloween and Thanksgiving....we talked about which pictures we would use and decided on a few of my favorites.

There is one picture however, that will always be in my's the picture of myself with some of my closest friends.

The picture is only 4 years old...a gentle reminder that things do change....

One of the ladies in the picture has Alzheimer's......and she is sick enough to have been placed in an Alzheimer's facility this past July...she is so young, only 59!

This is one of those pictures that my girlfriends and I look at and remember Marcia like she used to be.....she knew who we were.

Any whoo

 a little explanation as to why you will always see that picture in my header.

I hope you like....I sure do!



  1. Your header is quite lovely and your picture with your girlfriends is a pure treasure. Alzheimer's at 59. How tragic.

  2. Your header is great! I have changed my several times but this time it shrunk my picture and won't let me 'fit to window' so it looks funky.

  3. Chris, I had to come back again after seeing all of the hats on Viv's blog, just how much I enjoy yours. What a great surprise to see your new header. I love that you have five daughters. Never a dull moment I can just imagine! I love that you have kept your friendship picture in your banner. What lucky friends! Elizabeth

  4. I love that photo of you and your gal friends giggling it up..that is what life is about and should be. I've noticed it before and it is a great shot.

  5. I've always liked that picture you have in your header as it really shows the fun you all must have had on that day it was taken. And with the circumstances with your dear friend, it makes that photo much more precious! Have a great Halloween!

  6. Lovin' your sweet new header Chris!! :) xo Heather

  7. You and your daughter did a lovely job on your header. So bittersweet to hear the story of your header picture. I'm glad you have those memories for her. I've been so busy, so I'm off to catch up with you some more.

  8. So sad about your friend! but the picture is a lovely reminder to you and your girlfriends of a special bond. I love your new header. It is perfectly you!
    have a great weekend Chris!

  9. the picture of you and your friends, shows the fun you had! I am so sorry about your friend, true..when you look at pictures from the past things do change.
    How nice your daughter can help you!

  10. Chris, I love your new header-so pretty for fall. Also love that you kept the picture that is near and dear to your heart.

  11. That's always been my favorite picture. Even more so now that you shared such a touching story behind it. I am so, so sorry about your friend. =(

  12. Chris, love the new header. I know you would always keep that picture in it. I like looking at it everytime I read your blog. It is the way I want to remember Marcia...


  13. Your new header is great, Chris! Just right for this time of year. Wish I knew how to make a new one, maybe someday .....
    Love that you're keeping the photo of you and your friends up there in the header! Friendship is such a precious gift.
    xoxo Jane

  14. Chris, I'm so sorry that Marcia has that terrible disease, and at only 59 years old. Your picture reminds me of my group of girlfriends. There are six of us who have been friends since grade school, and this year we're 34. Whenever we get together we can't stop laughing. I can tell that you girls have that same kind of friendship. What a blessing that you shared those special times with Marcia.
    Erica :)